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Vantage R&D Consulting

Optimising your research and development tax credits to help your business grow.

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Why choose Vantage?

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Professional Guidance

We strictly follow HMRC guidance to ensure that your claim is conducted with integrity, objectivity and in a professional manner.

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Extensive industry experience 

We have delivered claims for a wide range of industries, from motorsport to software development and architecture

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Flexible claim process

Our process is tailored to suit your business, minimising the impact on your day to day activities. We won't ask you to complete any forms or templates!

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We work with your accountant

We aim to work closely with your accountant to make sure the claim is submitted and processed in the most efficient manner.

Nigel Snook FS-3 Racing

"Vantage were thoroughly professional throughout the process. When we were told what the credit value would be, we were amazed and naturally delighted. The claim was submitted and processed without any query from HMRC."

Nigel Snook, Team Owner, FS-3 Racing


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What are Research and Development Tax Credits?

Research and development (R&D) tax credits are a valuable government tax relief that rewards UK companies for investing in innovation.

Companies that spend money developing new products, processes or services; or enhancing existing ones, are eligible for a cash payment and/or Corporation Tax reduction. R&D tax credit rates are the equivalent of up to 33p for every £1 of qualifying expenditure. They can be used as an alternative to innovation grants for research and development funding. Sometimes they can complement them too.

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Client Stories

Ryan Vickers 2020 BSB
Lee Hardy Racing

"R&D tax credits have massively helped my business to move forward. Due to the confidence I have in Vantage R&D, I can plan the R&D credits as part of my cashflow forecasting.."

Nick Morgan, MSS Performance 001
MSS Performance

"Vantage were recommended to us by another team in the Superbike paddock that we've worked with on chassis development. There was an instant synergy with the consultant, John."

2020 FS-3 Racing BSB ZX-10RR Kawasaki

"We knew about the scheme in general terms but never considered a motorsport business might be eligible, despite our significant budget for development work.."

Fortis Racing Dog Bone
Fortis Racing & Mode Performance

"I had never heard of R&D Tax credits before, but we contacted Vantage after they were highly recommended to us. We weren't disappointed. Not with the process, the service or the results."


"John has excellent insight and was able to ask us all the right questions. The result was £15K straight into our account, for the first two claims. That's the best hourly rate I've ever had!"

Book Cover
Michael Rutter Ltd

"As a motorcycle race team, the business is primarily involved in road racing, but we're always working on new ways to make our bikes faster and ultimately, for the team to improve."

Cabstudios Mira
CAB Studios

"Research and development is at the heart of the business and R&D tax credits have provided valuable funding worth over £150,000 in the past two years."

Bournemouth Kawasaki
Bournemouth Kawasaki

"R&D Tax Credits proved to be a big benefit to our business and really helped the team with finances to move forward and stay at the top of our game."

Swadlincote Aluminium & Welding
Swadlincote Aluminium & Welding Company

"We've actually been developing since the early '80s, but we had no idea we'd been able to claim some of this spend back until we got talking to the people at Vantage. "

Chainings Logo.Png
Chainings Ltd

“We’ve already managed to claim just over £20,000 in tax credits from HMRC in two years."

OMG Official
OMG Racing

"Working with John and the team at Vantage has been a fantastic stress-free process, which allows us to continue pushing our engineering boundaries."

Mcams Raceways Yamaha 2021
Raceways Yamaha

Vantage made it very straightforward for us, even going through hundreds of invoices manually to make sure every cost was correctly allocated. Nothing was too much trouble, and the levels of diligence


Latest Media - Presentation of R&D Tax Credits and Grant Funding - The correct treatment

R&D And Grants

Latest news and insights

Tax Hmrc 2358937B

Changes to R&D Tax Credit payment thresholds from April 2021

The rules regarding R&D tax credit claims for the SME scheme are changing from April 2021 and it could affect the ability of many small businesses to obtain this important tax relief.

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Motorsport Teams & Suppliers could be eligible for R&D Tax Credits

A large part of the industry is still unaware that this crucial funding is available to them by claiming tax credits through your corporation tax. As long as you are a limited company and have a full

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Loss Making

Loss-making innovators can claim R&D Tax Credits

Business owners often tell us they can't claim R&D Tax Credits because they're not paying any tax. Our consultant, John Mapother, explains why this isn't the case.

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