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Our Service

Working with your accountants

At Vantage, we work with your accountants to make the claim process as seamless as possible. In offering our extensive R&D Tax Credits expertise to accountants, we allow even more businesses to create accurate and optimised claims each year.

Having worked with many accountants over previous years, we recognise that many are different. We understand the importance of a flexible relationship to ensure it is lasting and mutually beneficial. In partnering with your firm, our priority is helping your team to provide an enhanced service to your clients.

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The process of making your R&D Tax Credit claim

STEP 1 - Book fact-find meeting 

Ahead of this meeting you will be sent a short information pack explaining the purpose, setting the agenda, and detailing any information you need for the meeting, as well as the financial information which will be required.

STEP 2 - Undertake fact-find meeting 

This is a straightforward meeting with our analyst who will go through the possible qualifying projects in detail and determine if they qualify (with the necessary technical uncertainties and advances) as per the scheme’s definitions. We do not expect you to prepare extensive notes or ask you to complete 'questionnaires' at any point during the process. 

STEP 3 - Claim preparation  

We collate all the information gathered into your Draft Technical R&D Report and Draft R&D Expenditure Summary. During this period, we may request some additional information, most likely photographs, drawings, technical detail, or more cost information.

STEP 4 - Client review  

We will send you the Draft Technical R&D Report and Draft R&D Expenditure Calculations for you to check and make any amendments you require.

STEP 5 - Finalisation   

We will make all the suggested adjustments and finalise the report and email it to you for your approval.

STEP 6 - Submission    

We will either generate the revised tax computations and CT600 and submit to HMRC or we will send the finalised report and expenditure summary to your accountant along with filing instructions on how to submit the claim to HM Revenue & Customs, if they have not submitted a R&D claim before. We will advise as to the total tax saving and will also invoice you at this point, although this will not be due until you have received the credit and/or refund

STEP 7 - Wait

Now HM Revenue & Customs has the claim and will look to process it within 28 days. They do experience periods of high volume and there may be delays in them processing claims. Rest assured, this is nothing to worry about and we will liaise with HM Revenue & Customs in these cases and keep you apprised of their current processing times. If there is an unusually long delay (more than 8 weeks) we will either contact HMRC directly or ask your accountant if they prefer.

STEP 8 - Completion      

The claim has been processed and accepted by HM Revenue & Customs and you will received the repayment to your bank account. We will then make plans to start your next claim. 


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